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Results from Palic Open 2014

First weekend of July brought ultimate lovers to Palic, Serbia for one fantastic tournament. 6 teams took participation on it: Hallodigaz-e? (HUN), UFC Neradnicki (SRB), Szufla (HUN), FDK Zagreb (CRO), Shopski Otryad (BUL), and home team UFC Wasps (SRB). It was decided that everyone will play against everyone and then first two teams make finals, 3rd and 4th for 3rd place and last for 5th place.
Results from round games:
Shopski - FDK Zagreb 5:10 Neradnicki - Wasps 5:10
Hallod - Szufla 15:6
Wasps - Hallod 8:11 Shopski - Neradnicki 15:8

Results from 1st station held in Kunszentmiklos,Hungary

1st station in Kunszentmiklos was finished this weekend. Tournament was organized by MUFA and it was open/mixed category. Teams that participated were Hallod300 (mixed), Hallodigaz-e (open), UFC Neradnicki (open), UFC Wasps (loose mix), UFC Lukavac (open). Tournament was set that 2 teams with highest score go into finals and rest play cross games for 3rd-5th place.

Season 2014

Its finally here!

2014 season is about to begin. With only month away from our first tourney, Grand Slam Beyond Borders is starting. First in a series of tournaments will be hosted by MUFA in Kunszentmiklos at 12-13 April. It is open-mixed tournament so everyone can play and we expect some great teams from 8 countries this season. See you in April.

Results from the 5th station, Polskava, Slovenia

Most of us looked forward to playing great games on the fields of Polskava close to Maribor, Slovenia. Players of Cosmo have already introduced their great potential in ultimate last year, and this year they did a great job in organizing a GS tournament too.

Fajsi, the main organizer sums up the tournament: "Tournament went pretty well. It would be better with two more teams but in the end there were three Slovenian teams and one Hungarian. For Slovenian Ultimate was a great weekend and give us energy for the future development of Ultimate in Slovenia and that is important."

6th station of Grand Slam series - Palic Open 2013

The 6th tournament of the series is going to be organized by UFC "Wasps" from Serbia in Palic. We look forward to having a great tournament from a young team!

Find below the call for participation from the organizers.

Yet another exciting tournament is coming soon organized by Cosmo in Polskava, Slovenia on June 29-30!

Hey frisbee lovers.

Cosmo invite you all to join us and play ultimate at our GS tournament on 29-30 June in Polskava, Slovenia!

We are looking forward to see you,
Best regards, Cosmo

Get ready for the 3rd tournament of the series in Lukavac, June 1-2!

Hello from Lukavac, BiH,

June 01.-02 we are going to organise third Grand Slam tournament Beyond Borders 2013 in Lukavac, BiH.
We would be very happy to host your team, so we invite you to come and have fun.
We offer you quality fields for playing a lot of games of Ultimate, cheap drinks, and of course fun.
Lukavac is on geographical area where aren't strong winds and the Sun shines almost constantly, so it is perfect for Ultimate.

Summary information:

Second Gold medal of FCD Styrian High 5 in the series of Grand Slam Beyond Borders, 2013

8 teams came together from 6 different countries for the 2nd tournament of the series in Szeged on May 18-19. Each team played five 80 minutes long games during the weekend. Organizers divided teams into two groups: a group for mixed teams with at least 5 girls and another for open teams with less than 5 girls.

  1. FCD Styrian High 5
  2. Hallod300
  3. Cosmo
  4. UFC Cejf
  5. Soimii Patriei
  6. UFC Neradnicki
  8. UFC Wasps

SOTG: Soimii Patriei

Registration is open for the 2nd tournament: Szeged, Hungary

SZUFLA gladly invites ultimate lovers to the 2nd tournament of Grand Slam Beyond Borders 2013 series to Szeged, Hungary!

For those who missed the tournament last year, it's a great possibility to come, play ultimate and take a look at our wonderful city. For all those who have been here last year, we don't have to explain that we are going to keep the quality high as we did it last year.

FCD Styrian High 5 won the 1st tournament of Grand Slam Beyond Borders, 2013

Hallod300, the winner of the 2012 series organized this weekend (April 20-21) the 1st tournament of Grand Slam Beyond Borders 2013 in Bonyhád (Hungary).

4 teams participated the tournament and all the teams played 100 minutes long games on two large, very good quality fields during the weekend, 5 games in total.

The final results are:

  1. FCD Styrian High 5
  2. Hallod300
  4. Wasps

SOTG: FCD Styrian High 5

Special award for the youngest team: Wasps


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